Error: please change your password

My application is built in the following stacks: Vue (3) for frontend and Nodejs (16) for backend

My issue is related to frontend / Vue Auth0 plugin where the plugin throws an error and results in an infinite loop where the user keeps on redirecting from the auth0 login domain to our application’s domain.

Due to the redirects there is no way to logout and therefore be able to change the password.

I want to ask why/when would Auth0 ask one to change their password?

Second if it does how to go about handling that?

I am using the following libraries:
@auth0/auth0-spa-js”: “^1.22.1”,
@auth0/auth0-vue”: “^1.0.1”,


The error is most likely raised by one of the Rules set up in your tenant. Please check your Rules script if you can find a line similar to:

return callback(new UnauthorizedError('please change your password'));