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Error on login when using a reverse proxy




Hoping someone can help

I’ve got application with a php website and then an authenticated react application on the same domain.

I’m trying to change that using a reverse proxy so they are seperate websites to be deployed independently
ie: => php website under the hood gets rewritten to call application.mydomain => react application

My issue is that this appears to have broken the auth0 login to the react application.

The login appears to work fine (using the hosted login page) but when the access token is returned we get this error:

“TypeError: Cannot create property __enableIdPInitiatedLogin on string '#accessToken=…
at Re.validatedAuthenticationResponse
at Re.parseHash”

Has anyone tried something similar or come across this before? Is there a setting change i need to do or is it simply not supported?

PS using auth0-js version 9.4.2