Multiple error after login, React app

Hello, I have just trying to implement auth0 on my React app, and followed the quickstart tutorial , and the login seems working, until I encountered 2 issues:

  • Error on page refresh / React server reload (dev hot reload)
    Object { error: "invalid_token", errorDescription: "state does not match." }
    this error message showed up when i refresh the page, or when I reload the React app server (yarn start)

  • Error after 1 minute of logging in
    Object { error: "timeout", error_description: "Timeout during executing web_message communication" }
    this error message showed up after letting my page opened(idle) after login for about 1 minute

Additional info might be I am using create-react-app to make the project, and used react-router for routing. The code will be available here

Anyone have something on this? Thanks!

Hey there @davenathanaeldev!

Have you tried going through the issues in the GitHub repo and checking whether someone haven’t come across such issue too?