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Error: Missing NativeModule


I installed the quick kit. That worked. Then I wanted to transition just the two active js pages ‘index’ and ‘auth0-credentials’ to my app. I renamed the index.js file "LoginForm’, and changed it all the right places and it runs fun. However when I transition this same structure to my current app I get the following error:

Error: Missing NativeModule. Please make sure you run react-native link react-native-auth0

Here’s the kicker: I did run exactly that command right after I ran npm install react-native-auth0 as shown below.

Babylon6:tangotest miles$ npm install react-native-auth0

  • react-native-auth0@1.3.1
    added 5 packages from 4 contributors and audited 14195 packages in 8.266s
    found 2 vulnerabilities (1 low, 1 high)
    run npm audit fix to fix them, or npm audit for details

Babylon6:tangotest miles$ react-native link react-native-auth0
Scanning folders for symlinks in /Users/miles/ReactionTest/tangotest/node_modules