Error loading custom languages data


I am receiving an error at this URL:

I have portuguese as the main language.

Hey there!

In order to help you can I ask you to record the flow for me with the HAR file so I can analyze what is happening behind the scenes of your browser? Here’s how to do it:

Once you have that please share it with me in a private message here in the forum.

Hello @konrad.sopala , I encountered the same issue trying to edit the universal login advanced text. Same url, same message than @pedcarnevale. I just DMed you an HAR file.

Perfect! I’ll look into that shortly and will get back to you!

Hello @konrad.sopala, could you and/or the team identify the cause of this error yet ?
It is not a setting we have to update often so I am curious if other people are experiencing this issue as well.

More info about our configuration :

  • we use the new universal login experience
  • we did not customize the markup of any page
  • we changed basic options (colors, font from a CDN, SVG logo url)

Have a good day

We have the same issue.
I’ve found a workaround : defining English as default language in tenant settings.

Hey there @stephen.richard !

I just reviewed the HAR file you sent me and it only contains 200s which means that each request was executed the right way. What kind of change are you making and then saving when you encounter that error?

I do not make any change because I get the error message right away.
I cannot edit any information on the “Custom text” section because it’s empty.
A few seconds after the message appears, the interface shows a loader indefinitely.

I’ll try setting English as default language and see if it’s better.

Ok let me know if it works!