Getting [Error] ECONNREFUSED - connect ECONNREFUSED every time I’m trying to change password for user.

We need a lot more context here. What is How are you changing the password?


I trying to setup custom database connection with own database, I’ve prepared the few scripts (for login delete and password reset), login and delete works fine, when I testing it through UI, reset password script also used to work well but from some moment, this error messages appear in response when I try to reset password

I should say that I was thinking that the problem is with my script but even if I leave empty function, it still appears.

Hi @meet.arthur.in, do you own the machine Is it running a firewall? Can you check the logs there?


@john.gateley , it even does not reach my server, it seems for me like the node which evaluate the script for some reason refused to do so… I repeat that others scripts reach my server and get respond however this one seems doesn’t executed at all.
If I got the architect idea right - every time callback triggered - fired request from auth0 to sandbox - node running “Node12/8” which evaluates script, so for me it is like problem with this sandbox, even returned json says about it, perhaps it worth to check something there?
Thank you for responses!!


Try the Realtime Webtask Logs extension and put some debugging in the script (and make sure the script is called). See if you can make any progress with that.



The problem resolved by itself…


Woah that’s surprising but glad it works for you now!

@john.gateley, @konrad.sopala

Hi guys, I’m having a similar issue that was described in this ticket. The only one of my custom database scripts that works is the login script. All the other ones (create, reset password, etc.) give me this “ECONNREFUSED”.

Note that the port in this connection error isn’t the same as my database connection string, so I don’t think its related to my set up (especially as the login script works fine). Just for reference im using an ngrok tcp server to forward to my local database so there should be no firewall. What do you guys think?

As with the creator of this ticket, the problem seems to have resolved itself. Still sounds worth looking into though

Try this one, maybe it would help or at least give some info for reflection

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Thanks for mentioning that @meet.arthur.in! Let us know latourette if it was helpful for you!