Error: Consent Error consent error Flutter Web + .NET API


I’m using the Auth0 Flutter Web SDK. Configured everything to make it work with my .NET 8 backend. Authentication seems to be successfull, however, after being returned to my web app, I’m getting the error: “Error: Consent Error consent error”.
I’ve seen similar Help topics and tried to turn off the “Allow skip consent” setting.

I’m currently developing on localhost and I’m not very eager to deploy it to a test website to check if it’s a localhost issue or not. I’d rather see a fully working version for my local development.

Hi @mdebruin93,

This likely a result of developing on localhost. You cannot skip consent for apps on localhost, but it shouldn’t be a problem when you deploy if it’s a first party app.

There’s a workaround here for local developement and skipping the prompt: User Consent and Third-Party Applications

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