Error! Client authentication is required

When signed in at Auth0 on the management page, when I go to Connections / Passwordless, then select Email and then “Try” and press the Try button, I get:

Error! Client authentication is required

Why is that? What do I need to authenticate?

Hi @glen.little,

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It sounds like you may be running into an issue that is addressed in the following thread:

Can you take a look and see if it solves your issue?


Thanks. That discussion explains the problem but does not solve it. Maybe Auth0 should just remove the “Try” button if it is not going to be supported!

It looks like you can still use the try button from a native app, that was not working for you either?

Yes, I have a working system now that sends out SMS message. But the “Try” page still fails.

I just confirmed with the PM of that feature and a fix is on the way.


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