{'error': 'bad.connection', 'error_description': 'Unknown error'}

I am trying to test the passswordless connection for my regular web application but have so far been unsuccessful. Can someone let me know if there are configuration settings in my app to check? I continue to get the message: {‘error’: ‘bad.connection’, ‘error_description’: ‘Unknown error’}, which I realize isn’t informative, so it’s been difficult to debug. Thank you.

url = "AUTH0_DOMAIN" + "/passwordless/start"

payload = {
  "client_id": f"{CLIENT_ID}",
  "client_secret": f"{CLIENT_SECRET}",
  "connection": "sms",
  "phone_number": f"{number}",
  "send": "code", 

headers = { 'content-type': "application/json" }

resp = requests.post(url, payload, headers)

data = resp.json()


Hi @kyle5,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I have checked your logs but could not find anything related to the unknown error.

Could you see if the logs produced from this event have more information about the error you encountered?

And then share it with me?