Error 403 access_denied: Google's verification not completed

The error says that Google’s verification of auth0 has not been completed.
This is strange because some users have already registered successfully.

Can someone explain to me why this is?

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Hi @mikamanelka I would appreciate if you could elaborate on the question and also attach the error screenshot for our reference.

Here is a sceenshot from a customer that is not able to sign up.
Unfortunately it is in German.

This appears, when a customer wants to sign up with a google account


Access Blocked: Google’s verification of has not been completed.

The app is currently being tested and only the testers approved by the developer have access…[…]

But I don’t give any explicit permission. other users can log in without any problems. So far only 2 users have reported this problem to me.

We are seeing the same issue. We have been verified for a while and now it’s randomly giving this error.

We are seeing the same issue! Auth0 - we need your help and support!

We have been seeing the exact same issue with a random selection of our users. Our app is in PRODUCTION, and in GCP console says that it does not need to be verified. We don’t ask for any scopes beyond the bare minimum. Things have been working well for over 2,000 users until the past couple of weeks. Searching around online, this appears to be happening to many companies in the past month. Auth0, can you please help with this? It may be a problem on Google’s end but we need your help!!

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Same issue here. It worked well all the time, now I am getting this exact message when trying to sign up with a new google account…