Error 400: Invalid_request


Getting an “Error 400: invalid_request, Invalid parameter value for prompt: Invalid prompt: signup”. My guess is that somehow the request changed and the prompt ‘signup’ is invalid. I am not sure how the request changed.

Not sure if related but I did make the change to a customized login page. I tried going back to a non customized login page, but I am still getting the error.

Does anyone have any idea of why this is happening?

Hi @eli1,

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Can you please share the request you are making.

pleased to see your issue, I think i have same issue from last couple of days and can not able to find what actual going on so please help me if you able to find any solution.

Can you please share the code you are using to make the request?

I figured out my issue, I was passing in parameters to start Auth0 web page in sign up mode but looks like google didn’t recognize “signup”. I deleted the parameters in iOS app and now handling this in Custom Login Page script by setting initialScreen: ‘signUp’. Google sign up works again!!

First image is with parameters, second image is the without parameters

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Thanks for following up!

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