SignUp link is not working with error 400!


I am using exactly your sample .net core 3.1 web project. Setting up my cilent id and secret like this:

“Auth0”: {
“Domain”: “”,
“ClientId”: “xxx”,
“ClientSecret”: “xxx”

On I am receiving error 400. My website is and is registered in my account for Application Login URI.

Here are my request parameters:

“client_id”: “xxx”,
“connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication”,

I am able to login with google without any issues. Please advice! I cannot buy your product, if your simple demo is not working!

Thanks in advance,
for the quick response.

Hi @cveti-gv,

Welcome to the Community!

First off, you will want to rotate your client secret!

A 400 error suggests you are making a Bad Request. This could mean a variety of things. Is there a message accompanying the error?

I am seeing many failed signups in your logs, all of which say The user already exists.