Enterprise SSO beside User Login

Hey there,

I am looking for a solution, which allows to have one login page for two different user logins:

  • user which come from our corporate (developer & co.) via Google SSO and
  • user which are our customers and are really users (via auth0 user database) of our platform we’re building.

What I want to avoid is to have a normal login for customer users and a button which says “login with sso from corporate”.
Is it possible to set the login to somewhat, which verifies "when user enters a mail-address from “@xy.com” than verify against google sso via auth0. If not “@xy.com” than verify against normal user database via auth0. Alternatively it is possible to have a second login screen with SSO only?


Hey there,

Don’t have much experience with SSO just yet but have you had a chance to look through our docs on SSO and how to implement that?