Enterprise connections in Free tier


Is it possible to use Enterprise Connections in Free tier?
As I can see in the pricing page, it is not included, but I am using a Free tier and I was able to set up AAD Enterprise connection. It works totally fine, and also my trial has finished some time ago.
So is it normal that my AAD connection works well in Free tier, and if yes, are there any limitations that I should be aware of?


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Hello, @mbozic! Welcome to our Community.

You will be able to use Enterprise Connections even if you are in the Free Tier. But that will lead your usage to be over quota, as it is not included in the free features.

If you do need to use Enterprise Connections we recommend you to analyse one of our Paid Plans, that will also allow you to use more features. https://auth0.com/pricing/

Thank you!

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Thanks a lot for you answer Karen :slight_smile:
What happens when usage is over quota? And what is the quota limit?

We are evaluating our options at this moment.


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At some point in time it will simply stop working and ask you to switch to paying tier

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