Enterprise connection login issue

I have created a user testuser@somegooglespace.com, using connection Username-Password-Authentication. I have setup enterprise IDP using google workspace. now when i login with testuser@somegooglespace.com using GSpace, i find another entry with same email id in the user list but with different connection (Google-Workspace). Why is new user created. why cant auth0 update existing user connection info. I need the same user to login using GSpace and it should not create new user.

Hey there!

That’s how it works by default. So every time the user use new method even though they can be using the same email they will be treated as different identities. In order to have them treated as one by the system you need to perform account linking.

Hi Konard,
Thanx for your time and sharing the info. I understood that i need to link the account.

But somehow i am not able to use my first user account which is using Username-Password-Authentication connection because second user having same emailid is linked to enterprise IDP, which authenticates user as soon as i enter userId.

Any idea how can use these both user accounts for login or i can decide which connection/IDP to use for authentication ?


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