Endpoint /tokeninfo returns stale email_verified value

I think this is more like an issue than a question.

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Login with email/password to get id_token
  2. Call endpoint /tokeninfo to get user information. The result will look fine.
  3. Change the email of the user, so a verification email is sent out.
  4. Click the link in verification email to verify the email change.
  5. Call endpoint /tokeninfo again. The problem is that email_verified is false, although it shows email verified in Auth0 dashboard.

I followed your steps as close as possible, but was not able to reproduce the situation. I say as close as possible, because at step 3. I changed the user email through the Dashboard Change Email option, but that as far as I’m aware does not automatically send a verification email. Can you provide any additional information that I might me missing related to this step?

Given the way I was changing the user email did not immediately send a verification email I used the explicit Dashboard option Send Verification Email to accomplish this. Having done that and clicking in the email verification link I then proceeded to call /tokeninfo again and it correctly showed that the user email was now verified.

I also noticed that on the Auth0 Status page there were reported issues related to user indexing around the same time you posted this question so can you also try to reproduce the situation again to confirm if this is still happening.

Hi jmangelo

Thank you for investigating the issue. I just tried it and couldn’t reproduce it anymore. I think it’s probably caused by the indexing issue you mentioned.