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Calling user info endpoint returns stale information for email verified attribute



I’m using Auth0.js to call signupAndAuthorize, effectively storing an access_token in localStorage and calling the HTTP API directly (not through Auth0.js) at /userinfo to get the email_verified value for the user.

I keep doing that every time the app starts. When I tried verifying the email though, I see it as true on the Raw JSON part of the Dashboard, but the calls to /userinfo keep returning email_verified=false! This happens until I login again, then I get it as true. Why?

Auth0 returns a stale userInfo

I was able to reproduce and this is already being tracked:


I was able to reproduce the situation you described so I already submitted this for further analysis. I can keep you posted when I have more information.


Thank you. Any news about this? May you tell me where the issue has been submitted to? Github?


It’s internally tracked and at this time I can’t provide any definitive timelines.


Is there any update on whether this issue has been resolved?


I have tested this just now (2017-10-31) doing a signup, followed by a resource owner password credentials grant at /oauth/token to obtain the access token and the situation of the email verified flag returning false even after the email was verified could no longer be reproduced (I did the email verification through the dashboard, but that should not matter). If someone still experiences this then leave a comment with the exact steps they used.


I missed this question (probably due to email notifications overload after getting back from sometime offline) so sorry about not answering before. See the answer for more info, but I could no longer reproduce the situation.