Encrypt password with email/password login


I am currently using Auth0 on my React app with email/password connection.
But as far as I can see, the password is send in plain text to Auth0 for the login.

Is there a possibility to encrypt it ?

Thanks in advance for your answer

Hey there Yanis!

It seems strange to be honest! :smiley: Can you tell me what stack exactly do you use?

I am currently using React.js with axios to make a request to auth0 login.

My request look like:

const ret = await Axios.post(`https://${config.authentication.domain}/oauth/token`, {
        realm: "Username-Password-Authentication",
        audience: config.authentication.audience,
        client_id: config.authentication.clientId,
        scope: "openid email name profile",
        grant_type: "http://auth0.com/oauth/grant-type/password-realm",
        username: values.email,
        password: values.password,

As you can see, my password is currently send without be encrypted right now.
But now, I want it encrypted when sent to be more secure. And when I tried to see if I can decrypt it on auth0 side, I didn’t find any way to do it.