URGENT - As a developper, how to connect to my app with a user account email without his password?

Some people call it impersonation, but impersonation can be even deeper than what i’m looking for.

Today to connect to one of our users account, for example to solve a bug, we need to change his password on Auth0, connect with this password, then tell this user (by phone call or email) that now his email is outdated, and he should reset his password (not really good in ter of UX).

This is really painful and costs a lot of time in term of customer success.

We use Auth0 with a React app, what would be the best implementation to achieve this goal ?

Solution ideas:

  • any hacky auth0 implementation with react / our database
  • being able to “login” to any user account directly from the auth0 users dashboard with a passwordless link. (being able to also generate this link thru an api, to provide this link to admin tools like retools or forest admin)

Thanks a lot for your help

I think a basic code example from auth0 team with a react implementation should help a lot of people using auth0, and providing impersonation, or something similar

cc @john.gateley @konrad.sopala @tyf @dominic1


@john.gateley @konrad.sopala @tyf @dominic1

No news about it ?