Enabling impersonation on a free account

We have a paid Auth0 account and we are in the process of setting up a separate Auth0 environment for testing purposes. We have impersonation enabled on our paid account and we would like to have it enabled on our free account so that they match.

Is it possible to have impersonation enabled on tenants of a free plan?

Yes, it’s possible, in particular when it’s a case like yours when you already have access to it in one tenant and require access to it on another for testing purposes. However, these requests need to go through a different support channel. I’m assuming that you’re admin in both tenants so for simplicity you can create a support ticket through the paid tenant requesting impersonation to be enabled for the other one (be specific about the exact tenant/region where you want it enabled). In addition, include the explanation you provided here about requiring parity for testing purposes.