Enabling Consecutive MFA for my application using auth0

Hello, i am trying to create a mobile application that uses multiple consecutive MFAs at registration, which is sms otp and email otp. the flow needs to be sequential, which is sms first, and then email after the sms otp is verified. can you please share how can this be achieved using auth0? thanks beforehand

Hi @rpradana ,

You can look at using Actions to achieve this.
Email MFA works slightly differently, whereby users are enrolled in email MFA when they Verify their Email.
If you want to provide the choice to users to use one or the other on their next login, you’ll need to look at using a new feature that arrives soon that would allow you to trigger email MFA or provide user with the choice - Customize MFA Selection in New Universal Login (Currently in limited EA), this should be moving to GA soon so please keep an eye on the Auth0 Changelog