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Embedded password reset UI not used in e-mail flow


Due to the fact that I cannot customize the password reset page based on applicationId and/or user app_metadata I was planning on going with embedded one (basically copy/paste the stock HTML and customize it slightly).

I am not sure how to get the email flow to use my custom urls.

For example I need the password reset e-mail to have a link to https://my-domain/reset?ticket=WaCHJygkSnLEGolDnUib0kwKI27A3tRP# instead I get the default in the e-mail.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


Hi @petar.
It’s not possible to change the URL for the password reset email. Basically, to use the default password reset flow you’ll need to use the hosted password reset page.

What you can do is change the forgotPasswordLink option in Lock (see docs) so that the user is taken to application you control. In the application backend you can use the Update user endpoint to change the password. This is more involved, of course, because if the user is not logged in you will need to verify the identity somehow (like Auth0 does in the built-in password reset flow, by sending an email to the user containing the link to continue).

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