email_verified without re-login

As it stands, when a new user signs up they have to verify their email to get access to certain features of my site. Once they follow the verification email, they have to then log out and log back in to view the features. Is there a way to simply do this on page reload? It is a bit of a pain to force a user to logout then log back in.

You can use the /tokeninfo endpoint to get user info associated with an id_token. This will return the user info, including the email_verified field.

I currently use php, so I call $userInfo = $auth0Oauth->getUser(); on every reload, which returns the email_verified field. The issue is not getting the field, the issue is that it does not update the field until re-login.

What version of the SDK are you using?

Not sure but assuming the newest version since I have only been using auth0 for a few weeks.