Email verification shows an error but works under the hood

We recently integrated Auth0 into our app and shipped the update to production. There we got complaints from our users, saying they get this error when verifying their email.

Strangely enough, the email actually gets verified every single time but this error still shows up, even though the verification succeeded. It doesn’t affect the sign in or functionality but it’s confusing users.

I can’t reproduce this error with my email and neither can another developer working on my team.

Since our web app is internal, all users have the same email domain - I don’t have an email on that domain so I can’t test it with that domain but I tested it with several different domains and it worked with all of them. Could this be an issue with custom company domains? Does anyone have an idea how to debug this?

Hey there @michaelfarnik, I wanted to reach out and let you know that i am looking into this but we really need one of the users who are experiencing this to share more details on this front. Are the seeing errors in Console? When the end user hits this error, are you seeing anything in the Auth0 Dashboard logs? If possible, can you coordinate something with an end user to verify what is occurring? Meanwhile I will look into on my side and see if there has been any commonalities of this occurring. Thanks!

After researching this topic I found you have a support case currently open with our Support team. To eliminate duplicate effort we will let them take lead on this but we will share the solution when one is found, thank you.

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