Email passwordless login isn't showing up

I am trying out OpenID Connect login, where I automatically redirect to Auth0’s login page.

  1. I enabled Email passwordless login (and tested that it can send me an email).
  2. I enable it in the Application’s Connections.
  3. … and it doesn’t show up in the login form.

I want to only have passwordless email login/signup, but having it show up all would be a good first step.

Anything I’m missing? This is the Universal New Login thing.

Hi @itamarst ,

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A possible reason that the passwordless email login not showing up is that your tenant has the New Universal Login turned on. If this is your use case, please click on Vote on this feedback.

This article explains the two login types (Embedded Login and Classic Universal Login) supported for the passwordless connection. Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I switched to Classic Universal Login. However, the article doesn’t actually explain what to do, it just links to docs, and those docs are for WebAuth() objects, bu the HTML page is using a Auth0Lock() object or something…

Are there any detailed instructions anywhere?

Ahh, there’s a drop-down with different templates!

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Glad to know you have figured it out! :clap: