Email address not populating with OAuth2 integration Discourse to Auth0

Hello all,

I’ve posted a thread about this over on Discourse but seem to be a bit stuck - Configure sign up and log in with Auth0 using the OAuth2 Basic Plugin - #20 by RCheesley - admins - Discourse Meta

I have followed the documentation and set up the OAuth2 plugin, and when I click to register or sign in with Auth0, I see a user being created in my Auth0 users.

The password field is then hidden on the new user form, but it does not seem to be pulling through the email - as it prompts the user to enter the email address.

Any ideas where to start looking?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there @RCheesley, I greatly apologize for the delay in response from our team! We are actively making strides to correct this problem so everyone can get a response in a reasonable time frame. However, lets focus on how to help you move forward on your issue.

The issue with the password field coming through successfully but not the email is an interesting dilemma. Are you using Universal Login by chance or another method of getting users logged in? The next step to move this forward would be a HAR file capture of the current login flow and direct message it over to me when so I can take a look at where the challenge may be.

I will keep this topic open for 10 days without a response due to the age of the original question but we can always reference it in the future if you would like to open a new topic down the line. Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

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