Effects/downtime on apps when switching to New Universal Login

Hello Community!

We have several apps (all using username/password auth from DB), and they are all using the classic experience.
If we were to switch to new experience, would there by any downtime for our apps, such that they’d be inaccessible to users? I’ve read the documentation and am just not clear if this change would at all affect logins.

Further on this topic, we have two apps (one being Zendesk) where SSO login works fine. However if we are logged in to Zendesk and in there, go to another Auth0 app we’re not logged in. Is this something that would be addressed by switching to new Universal Login experience?

Thanks all for helping.

Hey there!

Firstly it would be nice if you can actually split your topic into two as it touches two different problems and having it in one place makes it more difficult for others to find it in the future. So for the Zendesk part please open a separate topic.

On the first one I need to reach out to appropriate team to find out more about it. As soon as I have something to share, I’ll relay it!

Sounds good, Konrad. I will open a separate note for ZD

Hey there!

Based on the docs and my chat with the team there shouldn’t be any downtime or delay for your end users once you decide to switch from Classic to New Universal Login but you should keep in my its limitations listed here:

and apart from that be aware of the differences between those two:

Thanks again, Konrad. One more question that I cannot see the answer to: if you need to, can you switch back to Classic?


That is correct, you can

Closing this one. If you have other questions down the road feel free to open another topic!