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Editing UI callback urls resets grants



There appears to be a bug when using the UI in the dashboard to edit the list of allowable callback uri’s.
When the list is altered and then saved, the grants for the clients resets. We had manually added the ‘password’ grant, and this was removed after the UI update. It is my suspicion that any save change from the UI client interface will reset the client grants, but I haven’t tested this. This seems like a bug to me.


@soconnor I haven’t been able to reproduce this using the following steps:

  • Create a new client
  • Update client with password grant_type
  • Add a new Allowed Callback URL, save
  • GET client via Management API - I can still see the password grant under grant_types.

Can you please describe the steps you took to encounter this.


This has been reported by other users in the following post:

Please try using the workaround mentioned in that post - I have logged this with the engineering team.