Easier identification of social connections?

hello - is there any way maybe to include which social-media account we are authenticating with?

i am thinking perhaps a “note” field, or even an email address field that we used to create the auth keys.

REASON: i have multiple Facebook accounts and can never remember which one i used to authorize with.

Hi @edwardsmarkff,

The email address should be returned in the id token or the user profile, and you could display that in your application if you’d like.

actually, i was suggesting that we have some sort of text field for users to include their own notes,
so if i wanted to. for example, i could include the account email address i used to create the keys.

we have several FaceBook accounts, and i thought it might be handy to include the email address in a “Notes:” field.

Hi @edwardsmarkff,

You can use the user_metadata property to store custom data that is specific to the user and your application. Here is the doc for it:

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