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Dynamically set Redirect To?



I’m trying to dynamically set the redirect-to link depending on the environment being used. I built a case statement:

{% case %}
{% when 'yahoo' %}
{% when 'firefox' %}
{% else %}
{% endcase %}

…but it can’t seem to read the; it will always redirect to in the above scenario. Hard-coding it to ‘yahoo’ will also dump the user into google.


As far as I’m aware is not available at the Redirect To field; only application-level fields like callback_domain and clientID. If you check the documentation you’ll also see that is show in association with the Subject field.

You mention that you’re trying to do the redirect based on the environment; if this is a case of separating development/test users from production users by using different connections then have in mind that our recommendation would be to have separate accounts for development and QA environments.