Dotnet 8 webapp + .net 4.7 native client. how to use same token?

i have a “webapp” in dotnet 8, it’s a reverse proxy using yarp and it is used to authenticate apis behind it. this works fine with a web frontend.

but i also have a native application that has to call these apis. using the webapp client-id doesn’t work, authentication fails. using another app of type “native”, the authentication succeeds, but the generated tokens are not accepted by the webapp.

some suggestion i found is to create an “api” in auth0 and use it as audience in both apps. but Auth0ClientOptions does not have a property for audience.

how to proceed?

ok, i found this: Native app + Laravel API (both with Auth0) - #4 by thush

after changing the application authentication settings in credentials to none, the native app can use the same auth0 application as the webapp.