Unable to call my API with Authorization method. (problems with Access Token)

Hello everyone.

I’m having problems trying to access endpoints that requires authorization and don’t really know how to solve it… Here is the thing:

  • I’ve an Angular APP which implements Auth0/Angular library. In Auth0, I’ve created a Single Page Application, so in my configuration settings I’m using it’s domain and ClientID. The application is working fine and also de login, and I can find the accessToken (with getAccessTokenSilently) and also the idToken(with getIdTokenClaims).
  • My backend, is a .NET App. I’ve created a Regular Web Application in Auth0 and also im using its configuration seetings with the domain and ClientId (the domain is the same between 2 apps but ClientId is different).

So now, when Im testing an endpoint with Swagger which requires Authorization, I try to authorize with the accessToken or the idToken that the Angular app provides, but its giving me errors and is not working. How can I solve that? Is because the audiences are different? What should I do? (In conf settings, Domain and Audience matches between 2 apps)

Thank you in advance.

Hey there @Totodile !

Regardless of the framework, you’ll need the access token and not the ID token to call your API. What type of errors are you receiving? Anything helpful? If I had to guess it would be due to a mismatch in audience value - The audience (API identifier) you call /authorize with needs to match the audience configured at your API.

Keep us posted!

Hello @tyf and thank you for your answer.

The audience param was the same between the 2 apps, the only different param was the CliendIt… I managed to create an endpoint in my backend API to create a response with the accessToken and the idToken, so when I login in my front end I can set the response in LocalStorage and set in Headers as a Bearer Authorization in order to access my authorized endpoints. I guess I will find some problems with that method but for now it’s working. :sweat_smile:

Thank you!

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No problem, happy to help where I can! Thanks for following up here :smile:

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