Done button in webview

I have Ionic 4 project with Auth0 implementation. The issue is to rename Done button in webview on login page. Apple docs says that it’s possible to choose between Done, Cancel and Close. Any ideas?

Hey there @toto, I’d be happy to take a look at what you are experiencing right now. Do you mind sharing some screenshots along with the previously mentioned doc you referenced so we can start at good jumping off point on this challenge? Thanks in advance!

Hi James. At the moment button’s text is "Done’. Here’s a link to Apple documentation: Besides, there is an opened issue on cordova webview plugin’s repository on Github: The following screenshot is from there

I wanted to follow up @toto on this subject after talking with our support team, I have been able to confirm that this feature falls outside of the scope of Auth0 at this point in time. However I would recommend submitting this feature request through All feedback sent through this form is triaged and read by the Product team (nothing is automated), and the more context you’re able to provide, the better. Having individual requests with context and specific contact information that we can sort and map in our system really helps us to track feedback better than we’re able to in the forum, thank you!

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