Domain cookie is not getting set despite allowing third party cookies


I am using auth0-react SDK v1.7.0 in my application. The Issue I am facing is that I’m not able to persist him. Say I’ve loggedIn today came back tomorrow and tried to access the site. Expectation is that he must be directly authenticated and landed on the home page of the application. Instead a blank page is shown.

I have enabled to allow third party cookies but still the custom domain cookie fails to set.

Any kind of help is appreciated.

Below is my integration in React.

onRedirectCallback={() => cookies.eraseCookie(“loggedOut”)}
process.env.NODE_ENV === “development”
? “http://localhost:3000/login?dashboards
: ${CRM_URI}/login?dashboards
clientId=“*(h3njfheufb73hdnjw” ( Morphed )