Custom domain and token issue

Hey community,

We recently implemented a custom domain for our platform. But it seems that there is a problem with the authentication token. We are using auth0-react SDK with this config:

  onRedirectCallback={(appState?: AppState) => {
		history.push(appState && appState.returnTo ? appState.returnTo : window.location.pathname)
  cache={new LocalStorageCache()}
    audience: `https://${<ORIGINAL_DOMAIN>}/api/v2/`,
    screen_hint: signUpMethod === undefined ? 'login' : 'signup',
    organization: undefined,
    redirect_uri: <REDIRECT_URL>
<Auth0Provider >


Can you please point us out where could be the problem? Also, another thing is on our dev environment it seems to work fine. On the staging, where we also use the auth0 development environment it doesn’t work, which is strange even though both of them are configured in the same way

In the end, we find out that the problem was caused by something unrelated to the auth0. It was wrongly configured sentry, where wild card was used and it was breaking CORS headers for auth0 Distributed Tracing for Browser JavaScript | Sentry Documentation

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