Does Lock 10 UI hosted login pages work with LastPass?

We’re using a hosted login page using Lock 10 ( However, our users are having problems using LastPass to store their password.

It seems that the client login page (Auth0) sometimes does and sometimes does not recognise Lastpass. I have found the same behaviour on my PC (using Windows 10 and Chrome) and on my Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile, also using Chrome.

Here are notes from some testing:

I opened login page in a Chrome incognito window and no Lastpass icons were shown in the login and password fields. I was logged into Lastpass at the time, as indicated by the red ellipsis icon at top right of my browser. It had a ‘1’ indicating that Lastpass recognises that it has credentials stored in the vault for this site (although it’s odd that it indicates a ‘1’ and not an ‘8’ as there are 8 matching sites when I open the menu but I’m not concerned about that).

I then opened another window (not in Incognito mode but that doesn’t seem to have any relationship to the problem). In the new window, Lastpass is again not recognised (no Lastpas icon in the credentials boxes); however, I noticed that the original window had come to recognise Lastpass!
It doesn’t seem to be merely a delay. I have left a window open for 10 minutes or more and Lastpass does not get recognised.

For the next test, I logged out of Lastpass and closed Chrome then re-opened. When a site and Lastpass are working correctly then when you click into the password field of the site, if you’re not already logged into Lastpass, you will get prompted to login. Once you login then the credentials will autofill from Lastpass into the site. In this case, I was not prompted to login to Lastpass; however, when I did so of my own accord, then Lastpass recognised that there were 8 matching sites and the Lastpass icon appeared in the credentials box. Oddly, after some time, the ‘8’ notifier changed to a ‘1’ but again, unless it’s relevant for troubleshooting the issue then I’m not concerned about that. The main issue is getting Lastpass to work properly and consistently with the site.

When Lastpass is recognised, sometimes when you select the credentials to use, it logs the user in successfully without any prompt beforehand (this definitely sometimes works on my mobile) but sometimes it gives the prompt “Are you sure you want LastPass to fill your information into this site:”, and even after you select ‘Yes’ then it does not fill the credentials and login.

Windows Chrome version was 63, and Android Chrome version was 62.

This is similar to this problem on StackOverflow: javascript - LastPass buttons not appearing on Auth0 Lock 10 UI - Stack Overflow

Any ideas what might be causing the problem, or what I can do to improve the situation?

This situation seems to already being tracked in Lock GH’s repository at ( The recommendation would be to follow and participate in the discussion there in case you haven’t already.