Documentation in "Customize New Universal Login Pages" seems to be outdated or bug? (screen:redeem-ticket)

I have a setup, which requires user to verify his email. Custom email template is used.


The link in the email template points to auth0 tenant and url looks something like this:

I’m also using Custom templates for Auth0 pages - “Customize New Universal Login Pages” functionality.
So, whenever user opens that email confirmation link from his email, custom template is rendered temporarily before user is getting redirected back to my application.

The flow works correctly. However, since the template is rendered before redirection is applied, some strange values can be seen for short period of time.
For example, documentation says that pageTitle should be “…loading”, but during render of that confirmation page, the actual title is “Enroll in multi-factor authentication

Here is ‘prompt’ value converted to json

  "name": "common",
  "screen": {
    "name": "redeem-ticket",
    "texts": {
      "pageTitle": "Enroll in multi-factor authentication",
      "description": "Click Continue to Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication",
      "descriptionEmailVerify": "Click Continue to Verify Your Email",
      "descriptionPasswordlessVerify": "Click Continue to Sign In",
      "buttonText": "Continue",
      "logoAltText": ""

And here is documentation for that part:

So my question is:
Why pageTitle is not “Loading…” as in documentation?
Where is that “Enroll in multi-factor authentication” value coming from? Could not find anything.

Hi @manvydasu ,

I am sharing the answer that our Support team provided in the support ticket for the same issue. So it can be helpful for other folks in our community.

Our engineering team has created a backlog ticket to update the text of redeem-ticket.

Meantime, you can change the prompt text by using the Set custom text for a specific prompt endpoint (Auth0 Management API v2 ) in the Management API. Selecting prompt=“common”, the desired language, and the following body will change the “pageTitle” and the “description”:

   "redeem-ticket": {
      "pageTitle": "Loading...",
      "description": "Javascript is not enabled on your browser, please click button to continue."

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