Do not send email verification in select cases

I see that the API for creating and updating users has a verify_email option to omit sending the verification message on a case-by-case basis.

I’d like to do something similar, but for select applications. Can I do this using Actions? E.g. set the value of user.verify_email in a pre user registration flow?

A very similar question was asked in 2018, but there was no conclusion. See Disable verification email for specific app.

I don’t want to disable email verification across the whole tenant (all the time), but for some applications, I don’t want those messages sent.

Thanks for your help with this.

I’ve tried to create a custom “Pre User Registration” Action, but have not had any success.

It seems that the api.user doesn’t have a verify_email property. The exact error message I get is:

Property ‘verify_email’ does not exist on type ‘UserAPI’. (2339)

I also tried event.user, but that also doesn’t seem to have verify_email.

It’s looking like I’ll need to disable the built-in Auth0 Verification Email (under Branding, for some reason), across the whole environment, and then separately implement a new service that itself sends the verification email after going to Auth0 for an email verification ticket.

I’m disappointed that I have to re-implement a feature that otherwise works well, so that I can have more control over if/how/when it’s used.

Same. I would love to continue using the built-in email verification template, but I’d like a way to turn off sending it in specific cases.

If there’s not a way to do this, I might recommend adding to the PostUserRegistrationAPI or something in Actions? I know that there’s already functionality to turn off verification when you add a user via the management api, but it would be nice if I could turn it off during an action or hook.
In actions, you can already do api.access.deny() to deny registration, so what if there was something like api.access.sendVerificationEmail(false) to prevent the email from being sent? Or the implementation details don’t matter. Just as long as there’s a way to selectively turn off sending verification emails.
(In my case, I have a separate “invitation” flow where the user has already clicked on a link from their email inbox, so I know ahead of time that their email is valid before they even sign up. I’d rather them not to have to click two links)

Just collecting another example here, for future users who are dealing with a similar issue: