Disable Password Reset - Expressjs - Universal Login

I have set-up a new tenant and application that is based on Expressjs. For authentication, I am using Universal Login. I have a bit of a unique use case in that:

  1. Users should not be able to signup themselves and,
  2. Users should not be able to do a password reset

For the first, I found the docs on how to disable signup(not using a custom database so could do this via the Dashboard). I cannot, however, find anything on disabling self-service password reset.

I found one piece of documentation for lock for iOS v1 that had an option called disableResetPassword. Is there something like this available for plain old web apps based on Expressjs?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @schalk.neethling,

If you are using classic universal login you should be able to remove the pw reset link with this option:

If you are using new UL, I don’t think this is possible unfortunately.

Hope this helps,

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