Disable Emails from Auth0

Thank you for reaching out to the Auth0 Community @chafic.elhariri !
I’ve checked the behaviour and what we can potentially do about it.

Based on my investigation, I can see Auth0’s email templates are triggered to be sent when users go through the Universal Login Experience pages flows. For example, clicking the “Forgot password” button sends to Auth0 the following request:

https://subdomain.auth0.com/u/reset-password/request/Username-Password-Authentication?state=xxxxx with the user’s email address in the payload and as a result email templated by Auth0 is sent.

At the same time, it seems there is no feature to enable/switch on our side in the dashboard in order to disable Auth0 templates entirely and introduce your backend logic to create email templates.

In case of reset password flow, you can disable the link that seats under the “Forgot password?” button to prevent the default flow to happen. Here you can find how to do it.

In this topic, there is a suggestion on adding your own link so that you can manage the flow outside of Auth0’s login flow.

Also, the Management API endpoint - PATCH user by ID, allows to change the user password directly.

Going back to Auth0’s email templates, I have learn that you can set the email language based on the user’s preferred language (info stored in user_metadata) - you can read about it in this doc searching phrases Multilingual subject line, Multilingual email templates

I hope this gives you some overview. Please let us know your thoughts of follow up questions.