Disable consent screen after signup in database connection

Is it possible to disable the consent screen when user press the signup button in login page?

It shows the following message:

Hi mytestuser123@gmail.com, MyTestClient (Test Client) is requesting access to your mytestaccount account

The consent screen is shown as part of an authorization flow so I’m assuming that you’re experiencing this as part of a sign-up through the hosted login page (HLP). In this case, given the initial request was about authentication/authorization a sign-up process there will also imply an authentication/authorization process which may indeed trigger consent.

In a more succinct way, technically the consent screen is not related to the signup. Having said that, to skip it you need to ensure that the API being set in the audience parameter (if any) is configured to Allow Skipping User Consent which you for your own API’s you can configure in the relevant API settings. In addition, you also need to ensure that the client application is not using a localhost based callback URL as that as the side-effect of showing consent even when you enabled the previous toggle.

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