Directing user back to login after password reset

Hi, I’m looking for a way to improve the user experience after the reset password flow using new universal login on mobiles. Specifically, I’m using the react-native-auth0 library and building for both iOS and Android.

Currently, going through the reset password flow, the user will be directed to the screen below where they then go out into their email client to find the reset password email. After going through that process and coming back to the mobile app, the user will still see the same screen. They need to manually tap on the back button in the web view to go the login screen, which isn’t obvious.

Is there a way to trigger the web view to direct the user back to the login screen from here? Or alternatively, is there a way to dismiss the entire Auth0 web view, so that we can open up a new web view to the login page? In my testing on iOS, I found I was able to trigger a new web view using the Auth0 SDK’s authorise() method, but it would launch a new web view modal on top of the existing one, leaving the user with two instances of the web view modal.