Go directly back to login from reset-password-email screen

In the scenario of a user that is logging in the device authentication flow, in the case where they forgot their password, they would need to do the following in order to complete their login:

On the device:

  • Get a link to log in. The device begins polling the auth0 authentication server.

In the browser:

  • (browser tab 1): Follow the link on a browser. Click on “Forgot password”, enter their email and click on the button to continue to the reset-password-email screen.
  • Open another tab (browser tab 2), open their email client, and follow the reset email link.
  • back to (browser tab 1): click on the button to go back to the reset-password-request screen, then click on the button to go back to the login screen. Enter their email and newly created password.

At this point the device will be successfully logged in. However, the experience of going back from the reset-password-email screen to the reset-password-request screen is confusing for the end user. So we would like to have a way (e.g. a button) to bring the user directly from the reset-password-email screen to the login screen, skipping the reset-password-request screen. Is there a way to do this?

Current reset-password-request screen - the user can return to log in from here:

current reset-password-email screen. Clicking on “Go back” returns to the reset-password-request screen:

desired reset-password-email screen. Clicking on the “Go back” button will return the user directly to the log in screen:

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