Device registration error

Hi Community!

I have been trying to configure webauthn with device biometrics, both for expo and react native application. However even after checking the prerequisites for capable devices support for platform authenticators, I’m getting this device registration error:

Thanks in advance!

I’m having a similar problem - have you found a solution, yet?

@jess.arasake I’ve heard back from the auth0 team in private, and they’ve informed me that this is usually an issue with payment and plans an MFA/WebAuthN,

Does upgrading to a paid plan work for you?

Edit Particularly with enterprise license.

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@gblikas we are having that issue too and we have the enterprise license, so I don’t think the payment is the reason.

Well, at least there is some consistency! I got in contact with auth0 support and they just gave me the run-around. Told me to contact person X and then Y, and it never amounted to them understanding the problem. Bump.

@jonathan.iqueda let me know if you find a workaround.

Do you have a custom domain configured? If so you might try disabling the ‘Customize Relying Party’ flag. We had this enabled and configured to use just our root domain, but in our debugging, we decided to disable the flag since it defaults to the custom domain anyway and after we did that it worked.