Device Authorization Flow: Auto-close Device Success Window

Feature: Add an option to auto-close the Device Success Window.

Description: After a device is successfully connected, auto-close the Device Success Window.

  • This is the window located at /device/success.
  • It could be closed using window.close() or something similar.
  • This could be optionally enabled so it needs to be opt-in, if user confusion is a concern.

Use-case: We use Device Authorization Flow for internal CLIs and Jupyter Notebooks. We regularly authenticate and the browser tabs add noise.

Before implementing Device Authorization Flow, we sort of made our own using an SPA application, and we had those windows auto-close. We like Device Authorization Flow better, but miss this behavior. We end up having several of these tabs open, it adds an extra step to the login process, which is already (necessarily) cumbersome since you are switching from a terminal to the browser.

Please let me know if this already exists, I did not see any documentation on it, and didn’t see an Action Flow that might fit it.

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