Automate Device Authorization Flow browser portion?

Hi All,

Newbie here…I’m trying to automate the Device Authorization Flow’s Browser flow portion.
That is, I have a smartphone app talking to a device via Bluetooth and when initially connecting to the device, I want to run through the Device Authorization Workflow.

Since the user has already logged into our application, I don’t want them to have to do the “Browser Flow” portion of the Device Authorization Flow. Is there an API or example that does this?

I’ve been trying to reverse engineer the flow where the user enters in their (8 character) authorization code with my browsers F12 diagnostics and Postman but have not have success.

Any suggestions or advice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @clawton,

Please refer to this topic. Hope so will resolve you query.
Let us know if it works.

Device Authorization Flow

Hi @rashid779939,

Thanks. The post you reference is pretty much the same thing I want/need to do.
Doesn’t look like there was a solution given there.

Maybe someone from Auth0 has some advice?