Determining unrecognized device

I would like to determine when a user signs in from a new device. I can obviously check IP address but is there any information in the log stream that would help determine unique devices. I can check user agent but don’t know how unique that is. Will an identical system show the same user agent information or is there anything that can be used to determine unique devices?

I see a post from 2019 regarding this topic but haven’t seen whether there is a recent enhancement that would solve.

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Can you provide more info around what stack of ours are you using?


Not sure I understand the question completely - We have a Developer Pro account and custom domain.

We are using the standard callbacks during login and our code is developed using Ruby.

We have setup the Event log streaming to we can process any events / data provided there too.

Ok so you’re using Ruby. Let me try to research that possibility and get back to you as soon as I find something!

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Unfortunately it seems like we don’r have such feature still. Ref:

What I would encourage you to do is to file a feature request using our Feedback category here: