Device identifier - Know when user logs in from unrecognized device

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Provide information in the user / event stream that will allow developers to provide some Attack protection. I have not seen anything in the data that will allow a developer to know if a user is using a new device or not.

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We would like some “fingerprinting” information regarding a user’s device / browser to know if the request is coming from a “known” device or not. As far as I can tell, Auth0 cannot provide information to tell if a login is coming from two identical computers on the same network or not.

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Your own documentation egarding Attack Protection describes helping protect a user if they are logging in from a new computer or phone. Yes, we can tell IP / Browser / OS but if it is two identical computers on same network (same external IP), it does not appear that Auth0 can tell.

As a developer, I would like to know if the user is logging in from a unknown device or not, and if so handle according to my business needs.

Hi @gary1, thank you for this feature request!