Authenticate with only unique device id

Hello. I’m scratching my head here because I can’t seem to figure out if this is supported or not. Hopefully someone can help!

I would like to have an app work as follows:

  • User downloads the app, and can immediately access my web services with jwt/access token
  • Their activities can be traced as if they were a real user (idToken for access in REST API) by the device they are using
  • At a later point in time, or if they want to use multiple devices, they can associate an email / password to their account at a later time

I would imagine this would entail authenticating them with the unique ID of their device (mobile device). Is this possible to do with auth0? I can’t seem to find any docs that allows for a user to be created without an email/pass, social, nor phone number. I want to support anonymous by default behavior which would be trivial with the ability to create accounts with this device ID.

Looking forward to hearing if this can be done, and if not how to accomplish this securely.

Hi @bneigher,

We don’t offer a solution for securing an anonymous public client and backend API. Our public client solutions rely on the user’s credentials to issue a token for accessing protected resources.

This SO post might be helpful:

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