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Delete User doesn't delete user in Auth0


We have noticed that when we delete a user from wordpress this does not delete the user in Auth0. This presents a rather large problem for us with regards to GDPR compliance. When a user requests their data to be deleted it needs to be deleted everywhere it is stored.

I see there is a “delete Auth0 data” button in the user profile but that only deletes the WP Auth0 data, which renders the user record an orphan :frowning: .

I can’t see a way to hook into a “delete user” action in the plugin, it’s possible that I’ve missed it. A nudge in the right direction of how best to solve this would be greatly appreciated here.

Hey Sara!

Unfortunately not a PHP guy myself but let me ping me colleague to find more about it!

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Thank you :slight_smile: Let me know how you get on!

Sure! I will let you know once I get the response about it.

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Any luck with this issue?

Not yet. I asked my colleague but didn’t get a response yet. I’ll let you know once I get something!